About Us

PETS Vet Placement is an experienced recruitment and placement team understanding first hand how difficult it is hiring veterinarians in the United States.

After our experiences in hiring veterinarians for our nonprofit clinics throughout Texas, when we found a process that worked for us, we knew we had to put it to work for clinics facing the same hardships in finding qualified veterinarians.

Leslie Harrelson
Business Founder & Owner
Our Vision
PETS Vet Placement is a premier recruitment and placement firm.

We are United States based and focus solely on Veterinary Medicine. While our focus is on DVM placement and hiring veterinarians, this is not limited to clinics and veterinary offices. Placement also includes traditional roles played in city government, corporate environments, and research facilities. Our specialty is in hiring veterinarians for all the roles they play in communities around our country.

Our Mission
Our mission is to work with professionals in both placement and recruitment.
In placing veterinarians, we are focused on making your search as brief as possible while always focusing on your bottom line. In recruiting, we seek out top tier talent and assist them in finding opportunities that will both enhance their career and better their quality of life.

With our laser focus on hiring veterinarians, and our incredibly unique process, you will not find another recruiter better equipped to deliver on your specific hiring needs. Whether your needs involve one doctor or multiple doctors, or if you are a veterinarian looking to make your next career move, you will not find a more effective system. We cannot wait to start working with you as soon as you are ready to hire or be hired!